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Superior Solid Hardwood

Superior Solid Hardwood


Improve the look and feel of your homes flooring

Dulux Paints in Barrie, Ontario carries Superior Solid Hardwood flooring

Superior Solid Hardwood is a product that combines durability with natural beauty. Superior offers a wide selection of hardwood flooring choices that are of the highest quality and are affordable for home owners.

The Superior Hardwood line incorporates a wide range of species such as maple, hickory, red oak, white oak and white ash. These come in a variety of colours from natural to more tinted colours, as well as varying grades and finishes.

Grades: clear, select, premier, and heritage.
Finishes: semi gloss, low sheen, wire brushed, rift & quartered, and hand scraped.

Dulux Paints in Barrie, Ontario carries the Superior Solid Hardwood brand from Superior, and the rest of the Superior hardwood flooring lines. For more information, please call or visit our showroom!

Click here to view the Superior Solid Hardwood products.
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Last Updated On: February 24, 2017
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